Lava: Creating a Decentralized PoC Ecology

"When the miner rang, the gold was extremely good."

"New blockchain technology, XX coins let you lay down and make money."

"The era of blockchain 6.0 has arrived, and the high return of XX coins is not a dream"

If you have a lot of communities on WeChat, these words should be familiar. We have said a lot about the story of the fund tray, but some people are always caught in it. According to a person familiar with the matter, the business in Shenzhen Capital Market is doing exactly the same. The electronic pet platform is priced at 5,000 and the PlusToken model is set at 50,000. It supports legal currency deposits. Each additional currency adds 3,000. From the customization and development of the money tray system to the trader, promotion team, and a series of peripheral facilities such as agents, they can provide a "one-stop solution" for the money tray system. It can be seen that under the current capital disk industry chain, it is not difficult to create a capital disk.

Recently, Tencent disclosed a set of data through the "Ling Ling" platform: the platform has sensed more than 800 capital disks and more than 200 virtual currency MLM platforms. Some of these fund disk projects use the name of the landing scene to harvest investors through the combination of blockchain and physical or traditional industries; others are "blockchain + hotspot" fund disks, and the concept of hotspots The combination of such as PoC, Defi, etc. to carry out scams and tricks; others are better at models, static income and dynamic income are two-pronged, making harvesting easy.


In bear markets, people often say, "Don't panic, the team is doing things." This sentence may be a joke, but it is also likely to persist. It is undeniable that although the blockchain industry acknowledges that the bubble is severe, there are always some people and some teams that expect the blockchain industry to develop better and have been working tirelessly. In the middle of 2019, the popularity of PoC has attracted reports from major news media, and PoC has gradually begun to become a permanent topic of the blockchain industry summit. It is undeniable that there is no shortage of "evangelists" in this industry.

With the popularity of the PoC consensus mechanism, it seems that the eyes of the entire industry have come to focus. What is the charm and influence of this so-called benchmark PoW? The PoC circuit, which focuses on "energy saving and environmental protection" and "everyone can mine," has suddenly poured into various projects, and there are no shortage of serious team members and serious "market-making" teams-

Some of these projects only allow miners to mine, but they do not clearly describe what the project is going to do. They play the PoC as a pick-up game between miners; others claim to be combined with traditional industries, but only focus on How to adopt a new concept to develop offline investors' horse racing enclosures; some are hyped to break PoW's sky-high mining costs, but the miners sold are actually even more expensive than the new-type mining machines on the mainland; there are also some PoC projects It always advertises the waste of PoW resources and can propose solutions for the entire industry, but it is just a disguise from a CPU or GPU miner waste to a hard disk waste, never thinking about the storage of meaningless resources.

It is not difficult to see that there are still many bubbles in the PoC track, and the irregularity of the PoC ecology comes from the fact that this technology is too early. The world is in the exploration stage, and various projects are actually in a state of barbaric growth. It is also due to the early stage of PoC that the required number of professionals cannot meet the rapid development of the PoC ecosystem, and a large number of "experts" have flooded into the field. At present, the state's supervision of the blockchain industry is still in its infancy. Corresponding policy stage. The above reasons have caused more and more important factors in the current PoC field. In fact, each field needs a leading role, such as "Ethereum" in the field of smart contracts. Its existence is not only to bring results to the development of its own projects, but to gradually standardize this field.

Lava has been committed to creating a decentralized PoC ecology, and by consolidating global storage space, building an ecological "root of trust". Based on the "root of trust", through cross-chain, atomic swap, and addressing technologies, the "top-level index" function is implemented, and a universal open storage space protocol is provided for third parties worldwide. Lava has officially deployed symmetrical cross-chain atomic switches. Atomic exchange is a kind of blockchain system that can still exchange atomic crypto assets in different blockchain systems. It is peer-to-peer and requires no trust. Lava hopes to achieve decentralized cross-chain transactions with the help of atomic swap technology, which can complete transactions without third-party access, so that value circulation between the chain is realized, which provides PoC and even the development of the entire blockchain ecosystem. cornerstone.

It is also based on the project philosophy that Lava has always upheld. The team members have been continuously advancing and formalizing the PoC track. By optimizing the release method of the PoC consensus and the Plot file generation algorithm, they have made it more stable and suitable for long-term ecological development . And the new P disk software approved by the Lava technical team will be open sourced for free for PoC developers to explore and learn, thereby further promoting the development of the PoC ecosystem. The development of the PoC field requires such project parties. They always adhere to the original intention of promoting the development of the industry, and are not limited to only one acre of three-fields.