Blockchain technology and data security key laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

He Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center and the owner of the key laboratory, made a report entitled "Joining Hands Together to Promote the Development of Blockchain Technology and Industrial Innovation", highlighting the six highlights of the laboratory in 2019: The first is to gather industry resources and innovate the laboratory management model; the second is to strengthen basic technology research and provide technical support for industrial applications; the third is to enable industrial change and promote the integration of blockchain applications; the fourth is to innovate the blockchain application model and its depth Participate in the construction of the "balance chain"; the fifth is to build a national-level data security platform based on independent innovation of the underlying technology; the sixth is to explore the talent training mechanism and strengthen the construction of talent reserves. In the next step, the laboratory will continue to focus on key blockchain technology research and promote technology integration applications; adhere to application-driven and expand industry research fields; establish a security guarantee system to promote the secure and orderly development of blockchain; promote integrated innovation and build blocks Chain industry ecology.