Crypto whale transfers 5000 BTC to Poloniex, which is considered an abnormal transaction because of a suspicious transfer mode

Token Analyst tweeted today that a crypto whale has transferred nearly 5,000 BTC (worth $ 39 million) to the Poloniex exchange. However, the pattern of capital inflow is not common, because the unknown wallet address averages 2 million to 3 million US dollars of BTC funds flowing into Poloniex every day. Token Analyst said that it is continuing to observe whether Poloniex is "shuffling" funds. Interestingly, this inflow of funds is two orders of magnitude higher than the average daily inflow of Poloniex. That's why analysts believe the deal is suspicious. Token Analyst believes that this move indicates that Poloniex has reorganized the internal arrangement of the token assets. Last year it was discovered that many exchanges use this operation to increase trading volume.