Nothing is more important than scene innovation

For many people, blockchain has the advantages of decentralization and trust, because blockchain can be distributed accounting, data cannot be deleted, and cannot be tampered with. From a technical point of view, this is correct. However, how to transform the technical benefits into reasonable scenarios is actually the real big problem, and it is also a problem that the blockchain industry has not solved well at present. Therefore, we often see exciting projects that are not done well in the end, or even one of the main reasons for their disappearance.

In fact, we can sometimes refer to the development process of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, which are also emerging technologies.

Big data technology can help companies manage historical data and analyze it to provide support for corporate decision-making. In addition, with the development of Internet technology, the scale of information expansion has accelerated. Big data technology can also use distributed databases, parallel databases, and other means. It is a good solution to the management and analysis of large-scale data. Although there is still a long way to go in the field of prediction, it has finally solved most of the data management problems of enterprises.

Cloud computing can provide enterprises with the flexibility to expand their IT infrastructure through the virtualization of physical resources. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the cost, difficulty, and risk of IT construction. With the blessing of cloud computing technology, users can omit the complicated IT infrastructure construction process and no longer need to build a computer room by themselves. It is only necessary to purchase the services of cloud computing vendors when needed. Just as people used to drink water to build their own wells, modern people only need to install taps in the house they bought and then unscrew them to drink water.

From these two examples, we can see that both big data and cloud computing technologies have solved the user's need problem, so they can flourish, achieve themselves in the process of achieving customers, and iterate on themselves.

The same is true of artificial intelligence. The current climax of artificial intelligence development is mainly due to the great development of deep learning technology, especially due to the great development of convolutional neural network technology. This technique requires a large amount of data to support it to complete the model training work, and at the same time requires a large amount of computing power (CPU, memory). Big data and cloud computing have supported the development of artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence technology has made great progress in the field of text, picture, audio, and video recognition. It can provide valuable help to users in many very practical scenarios. For example, Douyin's videos are stored on the cloud platform of cloud computing vendors. A large amount of content is audited before it is released after being screened by machines and manually. Among them, the machine screening process is identified through the artificial intelligence models of Huang (yellow), terror (terror), violence (violence), and politics (politics). These models are based on data from big data platforms. Support to complete the training. This scenario integrates the three technologies of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, and it is indispensable. Solving the platform's content risk and reducing the audit cost are just the needs of Douyin. This scenario can really help technology development Scenarios are scenarios worthy of reference by the blockchain industry.

The reason why any industry can form an industry is, of course, due to technological advances, but more importantly, they can solve specific problems, and these problems were either previously impossible to solve at all or poorly solved before. This is true for the artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing industries, as well as the blockchain industry.

2020 is here. I hope that the blockchain can find its own scenario. Innovation is the driving force behind the development of the industry, but at this moment, the blockchain industry needs to complete this innovation process as soon as possible at the scene end!