Jiang Zhuoer responded that “the main mining pools tend to renounce coins before BTC cuts production”: most coins in the bear market have to sell electricity bills

Finance blogger BeatleNews stated on Weibo on January 10 that since September, the total amount of bitcoin flowing into the exchange from the mining pool has shown a downward trend (except December). The selling pressure of miners in December mainly came from SLUSH and BTC. TOP two mining pools, of which BTC.TOP is systematically selling bitcoin every month throughout 2019. The current BTC.TOP computing power accounts for 4.7% of the entire network computing power, ranking sixth, and the Slush mining pool counts Power accounted for 4.6% of the entire network computing power, ranking seventh. It can be seen that before Bitcoin's output was reduced, the main mining pools and miners were still more inclined to TunCoin.

In this regard, Jiang Zhuoer commented that it is clear that the data is problematic: 1. The bear market has a high proportion of electricity charges, and most coins (such as 80% -90% output of S9 and 30-50% output of new miners) are You have to pay the electricity bill; 2. In the picture, for example, Antpool users sometimes sell more coins and sometimes sell 0 coins, which means that they are not counted. 3. We counted it, probably because most of the computing power is their own. The channels are fixed, so the statistics are stable.