Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan: China and Kazakhstan Promote High-tech Cooperation such as Blockchain

Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan Zhang Xiao recently published a signed article "New Year Must Have New Weather-Prospects for China-Kazakhstan Relations in 2020" on Kazakhstan's "Forerunner", "Industry News", and "Strategy 2050" websites. 2019 is a milestone in the history of China-Kazakh relations.
Zhang Xiao pointed out that in terms of humanities, we will continue to expand personnel exchanges and non-governmental exchanges, promote visa facilitation, and increase direct flights between the two countries; increase the number of exchanged international students, promote youth exchanges, and support universities, colleges, research institutions, and China Primary school students exchange to further enhance the level of cooperation in the fields of education, technology and other humanities; strengthen innovation cooperation, promote early results in high-tech cooperation such as big data and blockchain; promote film and television drama screening, TV station landing, and exchange of TV programs in the two countries, and organize more Many art troupes go to each other to perform, encourage museums to host exchanges and exhibitions, and constantly enhance mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries and strengthen the people-to-people exchanges between China and Kazakhstan.