Former Vice President of the People's Bank of China Suning: The payment cost of adopting digital currency is expected to drop to one tenth of the original

Article from: Sina Finance

In the afternoon of January 11, the 22nd Deshengmen Lecture Hall and the First Annual Conference of China Blockchain Application Research Center, "welcoming the era of blockchain innovation", was grandly held at the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. Xu Lejiang, deputy minister of the Central United Front Work Department and secretary of the party group of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Li Zhaoqian, vice chairman and member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Qiu Xiaoping, vice chairman and member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, attended the event, consultant of China Blockchain Application Research Center, former deputy of the People's Bank of China President Su Ning, Jia Kang, former director of the Financial Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Finance, Wei Yingning, former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, Wang Wei, founding chairman of the Allied Mergers and Acquisitions Association, and director of the China Finance Museum, attended and delivered speeches and lectures, China Blockchain Application Research Center The three directors Xu Mingxing, Deng Di and Guo Yuhang attended and spoke.


Zhang Xinwu, Member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Lin Zeyan, Minister of Economic Affairs, Xu Lin, Party Secretary of the M & A Association, Jing Zhu, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Cai Yong, Executive Vice Chairman, Wang Naixiang, Vice President, Gu Ningke, Secretary, Executive Deputy Secretary Chang Li gathered, party members Dong Guixin and Jiang Shanhe attended the meeting, and invited nearly 300 entrepreneurs, representatives of various chambers of commerce and media to participate. The meeting was chaired by Wei Lidong, president of the All-China Mergers & Acquisitions Association.

In his speech, Suning said that the People ’s Bank of China has been concerned about digital currency for a long time. The advantage of adopting digital currency is to go to the intermediary. The payment cost is expected to drop to one tenth of the original. Blockchain may also give cross-border payment efficiency. Become higher, thereby improving social welfare.

In his speech, Wang Wei stated that the center will unswervingly promote innovation, warm up in the cold winter, such as walking on thin ice, strengthen industry self-discipline and communication with supervision, and promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry. Development era. In the future, the blockchain industry will also need to seize the pain points of SMEs and alleviate the practical problems of difficult and expensive financing.

Guo Yuhang, director of the China Blockchain Application Research Center, released the "China Blockchain Industry Report 2020" on the spot. The report shows that there are more than 11,000 companies that include "blockchain" in China's new business scope in 2019. The number of Chinese blockchain invention patents ranks first in the world, and China's government blockchain applications have begun to enter an explosive period. In addition, China's blockchain development still faces three major challenges, including application value to be proven, regulatory technology to be matched, and blockchain talent training to be complemented.

Cai Yong, Executive Vice President of the All-China Mergers & Acquisitions Association, released "2019 Top Ten M & A Events and People in China". Zhang Wenzhong, Zhang Jindong, Ding Liguo, Zhang Lei, etc. were included in the "Top Ten China Mergers and Acquisitions in 2019" list, Alibaba acquired NetEase Koala, Wumart acquired METRO China, CSSC Group and CSSC Heavy Industry merged, and Gao Capital was in Gree Electric (69.750, -0.13, -0.19%) and other landmark events were selected as "2019 China's Top Ten M & A Events". The "China Top Ten M & A" selection activities have been held for 19 consecutive years. The results of the selection and the development trends of the M & A industry have attracted the attention of the industry and the economic circles at home and abroad.

Subsequently, the Director of Psychology in China's Blockchain Applied Research conducted a ceremony. The second chairman of the board, Deng Di, expressed his hope that with the practitioners, he can take the cause of the blockchain to a higher level under the care of the leaders. The third chairman, Guo Yuhang, said that the development of the blockchain industry is inseparable from the continuous communication between innovators and regulators, and the center also looks forward to playing the best bridge between the two.

In the keynote speech, Deng Di said that not only does blockchain not impact financial security, but it has natural advantages in safeguarding financial security, including immutable certificate deposits, traceable behavior, data interconnection and privacy protection. Therefore, the blockchain is providing secure and reliable support for the digital economy.

Guo Yuhang said that the long-term development of blockchain depends on how many scenarios can be effectively applied. After 6 years of development in China's blockchain industry, it has achieved certain applications in invoices, judicial deposits, trade financing, and traceability. Next, applications in supply chain finance, legal digital currency, identity chain, and China Netcom , More worth looking forward to.

Zhang Shousong, Secretary General of the China Blockchain Application Research Center, said that the blockchain industry was born with globalization. The China Blockchain Application Research Center has so far established 3 branch centers in Dubai, New York and Silicon Valley. Many Chinese psychologists also work overseas all year round, especially the United States. Its blockchain industry and China are quite complementary and inspiring.

Yi Huanhuan, deputy secretary-general of the Fintech Club, said that the key factor driving IT change lies in driving changes in data, including reforms in the entire process of data collection, processing, transmission, and pricing. In the past ten years, from PC to mobile Internet, network transmission from sound transmission to video transmission, computing from large data centers to cloud computing, data processing and refining has become extremely important. Therefore, blockchain will play an increasingly important role.

In the closing speech, Jia Kang, the former director of the Institute of Fiscal Science Research of the Ministry of Finance, stated that only with the sharing mechanism of all subjects together, with very strict auditing and supervision, can policy-based financial support for private enterprises prevent rent-seeking and be healthy. Run on. The peace of mind for private enterprises should be in place. We must fully pay attention to the "burning money" mechanism of private enterprises' innovation in the new economic era. This is a weakness of state-owned enterprises, but it is essential for innovation.

Wei Yingning, consultant of the China Blockchain Application Research Center and former vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, believes that compared with the Internet, there is currently no ordinary application for the general public. In fact, there are many scenarios suitable for applying the blockchain, such as charitable donations. The more widely and high-frequency is the sign that the blockchain is becoming mature.