Member of Anhui Provincial Political Consultative Conference: building three platforms for blockchain innovation exchange, innovation research and development, and industrial application

At the Third Session of the Twelfth Session of the CPPCC of Anhui Province, Zhu Xinzhong, a member of the CPPCC, addressed the Anhui Provincial Party Committee of the Gong Dang Party and said that compared with brother provinces and cities, blockchain technology research and development and industrial promotion have just begun. First, there are still obvious deficiencies in the research of the underlying technology of the blockchain. The second is the lack of top-level design for policy support and technological guidance. Third, the development of the blockchain industry does not match the economic and social development. He suggested that strengthen basic research and promote new breakthroughs in independent innovation; accelerate the introduction of relevant policies and carry out blockchain government demonstration applications; build three major platforms for blockchain innovation exchanges, blockchain innovation research and development, and blockchain industry applications, and promote more Dimensional application; strengthen pilot demonstrations and promote the deep integration of blockchain technology with the physical industry.