Analysts predict Ethereum will be an investment choice for the next ten years, questioned by netizens

Analyst CryptoWolf recently made some bold statements on Twitter and released a chart with his predictions for 2020 Ethereum. He said that Ethereum will follow Bitcoin's parabolic rise in the 2010s. Its chart depicts Bitcoin's growth over the past decade and Ethereum's potential growth in the latest decade, and the two are surprisingly consistent. "Investment in this decade will be Ethereum. This chart cannot be ignored."

The BeInCrypto article states that Bitcoin's chart does seem to fit in with Ethereum, but that idea has too many holes. Most of Ethereum's future growth depends on the release of ETH 2.0. A full-featured ETH 2.0 will take several years to use. In addition, assuming that Ethereum will follow Bitcoin's trajectory seems very arbitrary. The chart is not exactly this way. However, these similarities are indeed surprising. In addition, Twitter users responded differently to the prediction. Some have criticized CryptoWolf and believe that "a decade of investment" will be a huge unknown that has not yet been revealed.