Chen Jining, Mayor of Beijing: Governmental information resource sharing and business collaboration mechanism supported by blockchain technology will be established

The Third Session of the 15th Beijing People's Congress opened on the 12th. In his government work report, Beijing Mayor Chen Jining pointed out that in 2019, Beijing will fully implement various national tax and fee reduction policies, reducing the burden on enterprises and society by about 180 billion yuan throughout the year. Speaking of work in 2020, Chen Jining said that this year will focus on solving the difficulties and pains encountered in the entire process of business and entrepreneurship, and launch a batch of "one thing package services"; all "government zombie phones" will be eliminated. , Comprehensively clean up the certificates set by Beijing's social organizations, promote the clearing of bank certification matters, further reduce office application materials, the number of runs and the processing time; establish government information resource sharing and business collaboration supported by blockchain technology Mechanism, and carry out smart scene applications such as "second approval" and "non-sense approval" to achieve more matters for the entire network office and 1,000 items for mobile terminal handling.