The decaying public chain | You sing, I will debut, and I will recognize my hometown as my hometown.

When I opened CoinMarketCap to see the top 20 currencies in the market, I found that many public chains were going downhill: IOTA, NEO, ETC, NEM, BSV… were once all the best. But in the end, it will inevitably slowly decline.

Impetuous people, inciting the market. Our attention is focused on emerging rising projects and constantly changing market hotspots, but little attention is paid to the currencies that are slowly declining. Because decay is a subtle process, and rising is often a matter of moments.

The most intuitive manifestation of the decline of the public chain is that its market value ranking is gradually falling behind. This process is a bit like cancer, not at first, but when you realize that your body is out of condition, the cancer cells have already invaded the body, and no medicine can be saved.

IOTA gave birth to two miracles. The first is 10,000 times exaggerated investment income, and the second is Shenzhen legendary air wing. The people in memory at the time were still arguing about the fact that the IOTA coordinator was very central. Most of the people who accuse their centralization of shortcomings are those who have not invested in IOTA. The vested interests are of course defending their projects, after all, it has changed their lives. Even if it is a shortcoming, what is it in the face of wealth freedom?

This is a very interesting phenomenon in the currency circle. A project that was once popular, when it was proved to be rubbish after the baptism of time, the person who earned money because of this project would more or less say something good to it, even if the project is weaker, after all, rely on it. If you make money, how can you bear with it?

DAG is a hot topic a year ago. At that time, it was widely discussed that the three giants of DAG: IOTA, NANO, and Byteball all achieved good performance and market attention. As a unique algorithm and consensus, DAG has its advantages of expansion and also has a double flower risk. In order to solve the double flower, IOTA adopted a centralized coordinator, and snowball took 11 verifiers. This double-flower problem is solved, but the problem of centralization has emerged.

After the DAG Big Three appeared a series of similar projects of the same type, but it was always worse, as if it was itching, it was very boring. Gradually DAG was forgotten by everyone. DAG is like a footnote in the history of encryption. It used to glow and it finally disappeared. People in that period of time may not think of it. One year later, it is POS that has entered the mainstream of the public. Unfortunately, not you, DAG.

I remember that Bao Erye used his own calculations to fully support the ETC original chain. At that time, ETC promoted the unchangeable account book, and denounced VB's near-monopoly centralization decision. Later, the ETH after the fork was still in full swing, and all the network effects naturally migrated to the new ETH. ETC has become a waste wood currency. Now, in the current situation of Ethereum itself facing many difficulties, who will care about ETC this fork.

After experiencing a lot of classic real cases, now I have two questions about the hot spots and so-called trends that are constantly appearing in the market: How long can this hot spot last? If this hot spot is sustainable and lasts long enough to become a trend, what kind of bleak situation will the market be when this trend declines?

A coin is widely sought after, often holding and holding, and becoming a killer. A coin is widely spurned, black and black, but it has become a dark horse.

How much praise can be withstood by how much damage can be withstood. This reminds me of the truth of the same. For a person, now how others praise you, and you can destroy you in the future. Since you know that this project can skyrocket, you should be mentally prepared, how it will skyrocket in the future. Is there a reason in this world that only allows the rise and does not allow it to fall.

Most of the top 20 currencies in each round of bull market have disappeared. It seems that no coin can stay young and stay forever. Perhaps what we can do is to constantly iterate and update our own perceptions, keep pace with the times, and go forward. Grasp the context of the market and follow the trend of the market. Move for the time and follow the trend.

Finally, a Su Shi’s "Former Chibi Fu" concludes:

Moon star is thin, Wusong Nanfei

Is this non-Cao Mengde's poem?

Xiwang Xiakou, Dongwang Wuchang, mountains and rivers, sullen

This non-Mengde is trapped in Zhou Lang?

Fang Qi broke Jingzhou, Xia Jiangling, and the east

舳舻 里 旌 , 旌 蔽 蔽 酾 酾 酾 酾 蔽 蔽 蔽 蔽 蔽 蔽 蔽 蔽

The one who is a solid one, and now is it?