Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wang Binsheng: The era of blockchain artificial intelligence will be a new fusion of production, operation and consumption

On January 12, the second Xiamen International Blockchain Venture Summit was held in Xiamen University. Wang Binsheng, a special professor of finance at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said in his keynote "Economic Logic of Blockchain Technology" that the near-zero cost of information transmission is the prerequisite for this era of blockchain movement; The traditional information Internet has transformed into the value Internet; the traditional economic state is mapped to the virtual world, and reality and virtuality will be further integrated. Wang Binsheng believes that the economic nature of the widespread use of blockchain is a macro asset transfer movement, and traditional financial assets will gradually be transferred to the chain. The characteristics of modern industrialization are the separation of production, operation, and consumption, and the division of labor in the industry. The era of artificial intelligence in the blockchain will be a new fusion of the three, and there will be no pure finance in the future.