Member of Dezhou CPPCC, Shandong Province: Dezhou should create a new model of 'smart agriculture digital village blockchain'

Gao Jian, member of the Dezhou CPPCC of Shandong Province, said that the current application of smart agriculture, digital villages, and blockchains is an inevitable way to achieve agricultural modernization and build a comprehensive well-off society. Agriculture, creating a new model of 'smart agriculture + digital village + blockchain'. He said that the combination of "Internet of Things + Blockchain" can enable the Internet of Things devices to self-manage and maintain, reduce the later maintenance costs of Internet devices, and help improve the level of intelligence and scale of the agricultural Internet of Things; The combination of “block chain” can establish a big agricultural data collection system; the combination of quality and safety traceability + block chain makes the traceability of agricultural products transparent; the combination of rural finance + block chain ”makes the information transparent, difficult to tamper with, and the cost of use Low; the combination of "agricultural insurance + blockchain", applying the concept of smart contracts to the field of agricultural insurance, will make agricultural insurance payments more intelligent; the combination of "supply chain + blockchain", the blockchain technology can be recorded on different ledgers By downloading all the information involved in the product's supply chain process, transactions will be recorded permanently and decentrally, reducing time delays, costs and manual errors.