CPPCC member Jing Xiandong: Promote Zhejiang Digital Government Affairs Upgrade with Blockchain

Facing the accelerated innovation of digital government affairs across the country, how does Digital Zhejiang continue to lead the country?

In the past, people searched for services and ran at most once. Is it possible to be more user-friendly in the future? "As soon as the child is born, judging the time of the baby's various vaccines based on the baby's birth time, will actively and accurately promote vaccine knowledge, plans, and nearby service points, etc., become the new trend of digital government in the future?" Jing Xiandong, member of the CPPCC of Zhejiang Province and chairman of Ant Financial, mentioned that Zhejiang will build a national digital government demonstration province, where challenges and opportunities coexist.

In 2016, Zhejiang province first proposed the "run at most once" in the country. In the past 3 years, from "run once" to "do not need to run once", Zhejiang has taken the lead in building a digital government technology of "a team, a cloud, a data platform, a business platform, and a government work collaboration platform." cornerstone.

However, in Jing Xiandong's view, the potential of the technology base of digital government is far from being realized. For example, the application of digital infrastructure is not yet deep enough. There are still many systems, related data, and government projects that need to be accelerated to the cloud and go to power. , The speed of the upper end, the compatibility of the grassroots government system and some civil servants with the use of cloud, Taiwan, and the end needs to be strengthened.

In addition, he also believes that Zhejiang Digital Government Affairs 2.0 started relatively high, but the level of intelligence has been greatly improved, and government affairs within and between provinces need to be further developed. For example, e-certificate is a convenient service experience for ordinary people, but it is rarely used in the province. Birth, employment, marriage, childbirth, home ownership, retirement, etc., which are closely related to everyone, involve "one thing" scenarios. Because the data cannot be obtained, it is impossible to achieve "one time without running". Moreover, from the perspective of inter-provincial linkage, the level of digital government interoperability between Zhejiang and other provinces needs to be improved. Jing Xiandong suggested that Zhejiang should maintain its leading position and realize more government affairs scenarios on the cloud, on the stage, and the upper end in 2020, and suggested that the government system and the cloud, Taiwan, and other infrastructures should be connected efficiently.

Secondly, in the field of digital government affairs, it is recommended to use AI, blockchain and other core technologies to achieve higher levels of smart government affairs. AI and other technologies can be used to effectively find user needs and meet their needs through intelligent operations.

Article source: China Net

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