Wu Rongzhao, member of the CPPCC of Fujian Province: Promote the integration and development of blockchain and the real economy with the opportunity of "digital Fujian" construction

At the third meeting of the 12th Fujian Provincial Committee of the CPPCC on January 12, Wu Rongzhao, a member of the CPPCC of Fujian Province and deputy chairman of the Fujian General Chamber of Commerce, proposed that young private entrepreneurs should "stick to the industry and focus on their main business." , And actively guide them to play a leading role in innovation. He suggested speeding up the construction of innovative industrial parks and incubators, establishing a rating incentive mechanism for enterprises in the park, and granting subsidies such as housing rent, research and development costs, achievement transformation, and talent introduction. Taking the "digital Fujian" construction as an opportunity, it will promote the integration and development of the blockchain and the real economy, and improve the level of private enterprise credit system construction, financial technology innovation and services, and property rights traceability protection.