Xi Feng: Speed ​​up the construction of industrial blockchain application ecology

Xi Feng, a researcher at the Research Base of Tianjin Commercial University, a research center for the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Tianjin, said in an article that high-quality development of the blockchain and smart manufacturing economy must accelerate the construction of an industrial blockchain application ecology. Before Germany, the United States and other blockchain-leading economies are generally in the exploratory stage and the underlying technology system is not yet perfect, Tianjin must seize the favorable opportunity to combine a complete industry foundation with pioneering future technologies to accelerate economic development. New kinetic energy. First, innovate the supply of blockchain policy systems and strengthen the guiding role of the blockchain industry association. Second, expand the industrial blockchain practice, create a "sample" of the blockchain air outlet, and promote the rapid development of the digital economy. Third, build an open source industrial blockchain data ecosystem to promote multi-party trust collaboration and data sharing and exchange. Fourth, create a group of high-level industrial blockchain leaders and talents. Fifth, the "double innovation" work of deepening the integration of blockchain into intelligent manufacturing.