Lanzhou Big Data Service Center in Gansu Province will promote the in-depth application of new technologies such as blockchain

A few days ago, the Lanzhou City Big Data Service and Application Innovation Center held a launching ceremony. The center mainly explores and innovates from five aspects, including strengthening the basic support environment, establishing and improving data standards and specifications, expanding data collection and collection methods, creating a data operation and maintenance system, and building an integrated data operation system. In the next step, the center will focus on achieving the goals of “political communication, benefiting the people, and prospering the industry”, comprehensively promote the in-depth application of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and continuously release the value of data, promote the sharing of government information, and the collaborative reconstruction of business processes , Help to enhance the government's modern governance capabilities, and promote the economic and social development of Lanzhou to achieve leapfrog development.