IDC report: Blockchain + AI will be the world of Chinese enterprises?

Interpretation Today

The World Economic Forum founder Schwab once said that since the invention of the steam engine, AC power and computers, the "fourth industrial revolution" represented by the digital revolution is coming, and the blockchain technology is the "fourth industrial revolution" The result is a disruptive technology that leads fintech to move from the application level of mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing to the level of technological innovation. AI is also one of the most remarkable achievements in the technology industry over the past decade. Artificial intelligence takes the birth of AlphaGo in 2016 as a watershed. With the promotion of deep learning, it has achieved rapid development in the application level, and it is also understood by more and more ordinary people. AI not only accelerates the intelligent upgrade of traditional industries, but also spawns new species and new formats such as autonomous driving and robots.

So if the blockchain + AI is combined, what kind of spark will it wipe out? Recently, consulting firm IDC and China Mining and Intelligent Chip Enterprise Jia Nan released the first 2020 AI report, "Scenario-Based AI, Keeping Smart at Your Fingertips", demonstrating the future landing of AI, blockchain, and Internet of Things technologies. Post-people life picture.

IDC pointed out that the transformation and upgrading of existing business and living scenarios, and the realization of blockchain + AI intelligent upgrade of existing equipment is the first step to landing. Business intelligence refers to the promotion of blockchain, AI and other technologies to improve the efficiency of collaboration between operations and supply chains, improve the way companies communicate with users, obtain deeper user data, and open up new business patterns, such as smart parks and smart retail. , Smart medical and other fields. According to IDC estimates, AI spending in China's retail industry will reach $ 950 million in 2023, and the CAGR in the next five years will reach 45%.

Life intelligence refers to technologies such as AI to solve inconveniences in people's daily lives, bring innovations in the way people interact with objects, objects and objects (Internet of Things), expand people's ability to sense the environment and predict risk, and let people's lives More convenient, comfortable and safe. For example, smart cities use AI + blockchain technology to intelligently plan real-time road conditions and traffic flows; in addition, smart homes, smart payments, and smart education all belong to this field.

IDC also cited an example of Jianan Technology's use of blockchain + AI to achieve life and business intelligence. Jia Nan carried out the practice of intelligent water and electricity meters in the Guiyang Huaguoyuan community, and carried out the intelligent transformation of water and electricity meters for more than 300 various types of houses and office buildings in the "Asia's Largest Community" Huaguoyuan Community. AI replaced manual reading to improve daily life. For the efficiency of meter reading and payment, the blockchain also makes the readings fair, transparent and credible. Kanan Kanzhi's K210 chip can complete localized intelligent identification and reading records of dial photos taken by image acquisition equipment, and it can also help local hydropower companies predict real-time hydropower consumption and improve planning capabilities.

IDC pointed out in the report that data has become a new production factor alongside “labor, capital, land, knowledge, technology, management”, and is the cornerstone of future blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other fields. Data will become a small measurement A key indicator of the competitiveness of an enterprise, a large city, or even a country. In the next decade, China is expected to occupy first-mover advantages in areas such as blockchain, cloud services, mobile payments, and 5G. Chinese companies have a large user base to provide data support. Chinese companies have formed a complete blockchain + artificial intelligence ecosystem. From chip companies such as Canaan and Cambrian to algorithm companies such as HKUST Xunfei and Shangtang Technology, to application service providers reaching various industries, China and the world have finally stood in this fourth technological revolution On the same starting line.