Member of the CPPCC of Guangdong Province: speed up the improvement of top-level planning and design, and do a good job of the overall plan for the development of the blockchain

Xie Duan, member of the CPPCC of Guangdong Province, said that blockchain technology is becoming another emerging technology that will have a significant impact on the future development of information technology after big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies. The era has entered the era of value Internet. Xie Duan suggested that we should accelerate the development of blockchain technology, especially improve the top-level planning and design, and do a good job in the overall plan for the development of blockchain. At present, it is necessary to support the participation of blockchain companies in the development of blockchain standards, encourage industry authorities and leading enterprises to develop industry-based standards for industry- and scenario-based applications, and integrate relevant units and institutions on the blockchain into common standards management. Promote blockchain industry application specifications. In addition, on the basis of clarifying the main body of supervision and law enforcement, it is necessary to sort out the professional areas involved in the technical supervision and application supervision of the underlying blockchain, bring related departments into the scope of supervision and coordination, and clear the division of labor to achieve effective supervision.