Wu Xiaoqiu: China's financial system will transition to an era of equal emphasis on financing, asset management or investment

Wu Xiaoqiu, vice president of Renmin University of China, said at a press conference on the "2019 China CVC Industry Development Report" on January 13 that China's per capita GDP will exceed 10,000 US dollars, and major changes in China's financial structure are foreseeable. Because the income after deducting consumption is larger, it means that the investment tendency will become more and more significant, which will spur the financial marketization of China. In this context, China's financial disintermediation will accelerate significantly. As a result, the size of securitized financial assets will increase rapidly, and its proportion will slowly increase in the entire financial asset structure, which means that the function of China's financial system will undergo huge changes, and transition from financing to financing, assets An era of equal emphasis on management or investment.