Algorand Transparency Report: As of January 9, no Algo has been sold in the secondary market

Algorand recently released its latest quarterly transparency report (November 7, 2019-January 9, 2020). The report states that, as of January 9, Algorand beneficially owns 2.016 billion Algo (2 billion when it was first launched). Of these, 1.792 billion are located in public wallet addresses, and the remaining 224 million are legally owned by us, but not physically hosted. As of the release of this report, Algorand has not sold any Algo tokens on the secondary market. The company plans to sell a limited number of tokens in 2020 to fund development projects, and the sales will be conducted through a structured process. In 2020, Algorand promised to sell only the rewards received in support of the network, and may sell only a small amount or not at all. Details on the token sale will be included in future transparency reports.