The data shows that the activity index on the Bitcoin chain has picked up, and the computing power of the entire network has stabilized above 100 EH / s

According to Tokenview data, last week (01.06-01.12), the activity index on the Bitcoin chain has increased to a certain extent, and the computing power has basically stabilized above 100 EH / s. The daily average number of active addresses on the 7th was 711915, an increase of 11.58% from the previous month; the average daily number of new addresses on the 7th was 370367, an increase of 9.71% from the previous month. The average daily number of transactions on the chain for the whole day is 314,745, which is an increase of 7.12% from the previous month. Among them, a large amount of transfers with a single transfer amount exceeding 100 BTC totaled 3755, an increase of 4.54% from the previous month. s, slightly down 1.7% from the previous month.

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