Total transaction value of Ethereum DEX projects in the past week totaled $ 34.15 million

According to the DEX special page data, as of now, there have been 17 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network, with a total of 233,588 ETH on the chain in the past week, totaling USD 34,155,335. Overall, the DEX projects with the most active users in the past week were: Uniswap (7,652), IDEX (5,476), ForkDelta (1,333), Eth2dai (883), Bancor (745) ); According to the ranking of user transactions, the DEX items with the largest transaction amounts are: Uniswap (106,594ETH), Eth2dai (69,019ETH), IDEX (19,782ETH), DDEX (19,702ETH), and Tokenlon (15,141ETH).