DeFi project lock-up value is $ 959 million, an increase of 6.92% over the past week

According to the data on the DeFi feature page, as of now, 34 DeFi projects that have been counted have totaled USD 959 million in locked-up funds, of which USD 359 million has been locked by Maker, accounting for 37.47%, ranking first; EOSREX locked positions US $ 220 million, accounting for 23%, ranking second. The third place was Edgeware's 112 million US dollars, accounting for 11.75%. Compound, Synthetix, dYdX, Nuo and other DeFi applications accounted for 27.78%. As of now, the total amount of ETH lockups has reached 3.97 million, accounting for 3.64% of the total circulation of the ETH market, and the total amount of EOS lockups has reached 73.82 million, accounting for 7.06% of the total circulation of the EOS market. Overall, in the past week: 1. Affected by Maker ’s increase in deposit interest rates, the number of ETH lock-up positions increased by another 70,000; 2. The synthetic asset issue platform Synthetix lock-up value decreased by 12.54%; Last week increased by 6.92%.