Security company: 35,000 Upbit stolen ETH enters new round of money laundering

Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that Upbit's stolen ETH started a new batch of ETH money laundering from this weekend in Beijing time, mainly involving the three levels of the stolen stolen money. There have been 35,000 ETH so far. Round of money laundering process. At present, these batches of ETH are mainly concentrated to the addresses starting with 0xc2f3, 0x4456, and 0x126b, and are further dispersed here and entered the relevant exchanges after several transfers. At the same time, there have been two consecutive actions for money laundering through smart contracts, such as after the decentralized exchange was replaced by USDT, then the airdrop contract was used to transfer money, and then the normal transfer was used to enter the exchange. According to data analyst SXWK, during the money laundering process, new second-tier exchange addresses were involved. From the perspective of stolen money in batches, the exchanges and addresses covered by the final target address are widely seen. Some intermediate transactions took place in the channel.