Shenzhen Qianhai Taxation Bureau launched the first blockchain tax management service cloud platform officially launched

According to a special report, on January 10, the Qianhai Blockchain tax management service cloud platform in Shenzhen was officially launched for trial operation. The Qianhai Taxation Bureau was the first to use the alliance chain technology to realize the secure transmission of data information and distributed data storage. The people bring better government experience. In addition, the Qianhai Free Trade Zone uses blockchain and other emerging technologies to empower government service innovation, ensuring that high-quality companies use the "tax chain" first, and take the lead in realizing the informationization and upgrading of the blockchain. "Tax Chain" provides more practical samples for the in-depth implementation of blockchain government service reform, and for the first time realizes global tax supervision, ensuring that the "Blockchain + Tax Service" reform measures take effect in Qianhai Free Trade Zone, and jointly build Guangdong Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area's core engine status matches the tax business environment.