Beijing will promote blockchain technology applications in more than 20 areas including real estate transactions

Source: Chinanews

Editor's note: The original title was "Beijing Will Promote the Application of Blockchain Technology in Real Estate Transactions and Other Fields"

China News Agency, Beijing, January 13 (Chen Hang) This year, Beijing will vigorously promote the reform of the information sharing system based on the blockchain. It will implement real estate registration, a permit for electricity, building permits, electronic livelihood cards, and housing. Leasing, notarization, settlement of points, etc., promote the application of blockchain technology in more than 20 fields. This was learned by reporters on the 13th from the first press conference of the Third Session of the 15th People's Congress of Beijing.

Aiming at the pain points and difficulties of enterprises and people in investing in business and starting businesses, Beijing has issued 318 tasks and measures last year. The establishment of enterprises, processing of building permits, and registration of real estate in six areas reduced the review time by 349 days and reduced the number of review links by 33. Among them, the establishment of enterprises and real estate registration achieved one day and one link, and the access to small and micro projects of power supply, water supply and gas supply realized "zero home visit, zero approval, and zero investment."

This year, Beijing will focus on advancing the reform of the approval system based on notification commitments, and extending the commitment system for corporate investment projects to "three cities and one district" (Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City, Future Science City, and Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone). The scope of the company's start-up commitment system has gradually expanded.

The so-called notification commitment system refers to the administrative organs that put forward clear conditions, standards and requirements for handling the examination and approval matters. If the applicant promises to meet these conditions, standards and requirements, the administrative organs will no longer perform the examination and approval and proceed directly.

Since last year, the Beijing Development and Reform Commission has carried out pilot projects for corporate investment projects in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. For example, the Yizhao Medicine Pilot Base Project invested and constructed by Beijing Zhao Derivatives Technology Co., Ltd. requires a total of 16 approvals. Except for the approval of projects, planning permits, and construction permits, other approval items will be handled by means of notification and commitment.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision launched a pilot enterprise address commitment system in Fengtai District. After the enterprise submits a commitment, the system automatically checks and approves the application information, and the enterprise can obtain a business license. Beijing still Keke Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Xingyu Tengfei Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies completed the business registration in 15 minutes.

In addition, Beijing will also vigorously promote the reform of the information sharing system based on the blockchain, in more than 20 areas such as real estate registration, one license for electricity, building permits, electronic people's livelihood cards, house leasing, notarization, and credit settlement Application of blockchain technology.

At present, Beijing has achieved initial success in exploring the application of blockchain technology in the areas of real estate registration and business establishment. Haidian District has launched a pilot application of real estate transaction blockchain, and has achieved 12 types of data sharing at the national and municipal levels. Since May last year, a total of 1,560 real estate transactions were processed using blockchain technology, and the verification time for each material was reduced from 15 minutes to 2 minutes.