Babbitt weekly election 丨 Do you panic when 2020 starts like this?

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that can change the industry trend in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological landing, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. For all blockchain entrepreneurs, Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping blockchain development trends and opportunities.


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At the beginning of the new year, everyone is summing up the work of the past year and looking forward to the new year. As Babbitt information that was created in 2011, we are no exception. Babbitt reporters and editors use # 2019 , 我 在场 # to put a perfect end to the work in 2019. As soon as 2020 begins, the United States and Iran will start a showdown, which is set to not be a peaceful year. Global risk aversion sent gold to a 7-year high, and Bitcoin topped $ 8,400 … Let ’s take a look at selected reports from the past week:

Choice: 2019, I'm on site

2020 is here, but 2019 is not over yet. We stand at the crossroads of the era and put a final end to you. In 2019, nearly 4,000 original manuscripts from Babbitt Information Team participated in hundreds of reporting conferences and interviewed hundreds of guests. The entire process covered the “Forensics 2019”, “Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum” "World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen", and the year-end masterpiece "Ling Listen 2020", the world's first multi-year blockchain speech. 2019 is a milestone year for blockchain, the biggest turning point in the industry's history, and the same is true for Babbitt, which was created in 2011. Babbitt reporters and editors use these seven articles to summarize our stories through personal experience.

2019, I'm on the scene | Blockchain memories in five cities: history and future

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2019, I'm on the scene | Idealism to the left, Realism to the right, this is a contradictory world

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I. Policy and supervision

Huo Xuewen, the director of the Beijing Financial Bureau, said that any technology applied to the financial field can be tested in the box. Blockchain technology must be included in the "supervisory sandbox" test, and the first batch of projects will be announced next week. In addition, he also emphasized the supervision of virtual currency exchanges. Whether the existence of virtual currency supervision is more stringent, it will only be stricter. The Beijing Financial Bureau has found “zero tolerance” for coin issuance, and found it together and cracked together. Regarding whether virtual currency exchange licenses will be issued in the future, Huo Xuewen responded that "should not".

Huo Xuewen, Director of Beijing Financial Bureau: Virtual currency exchange licenses should not be issued in China

Huo Xuewen, director of the Beijing Financial Bureau: Blockchain must enter the "supervisory sandbox" test, and the first batch of projects will be announced next week

The EU Anti-Money Laundering Order No. 5 has officially entered into force. What impact will it have on the crypto field?

UK Financial Conduct Authority officially oversees anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing activities of crypto companies

U.S. SEC makes crypto compliance a priority in 2020, but hints at a more modest approach

Thousands of exchange platform license thresholds reach the cloud or 5 platforms enter the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission's sandbox

Interview with Chen Weigang: Banking Regulatory Commission strictly forbids banks from providing payment channels for speculation

Blockchain and physical applications

Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province, said that the launch of Gansu Blockchain Trust Infrastructure Platform is a sign that Gansu has accelerated the construction of "digital Gansu" and created the "Belt and Road" information commanding heights, and has taken the development of the whole industry chain to plan the Gansu District Blockchain, an important step to create a blockchain Gansu business card.

Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province: Gansu Blockchain Trust Infrastructure Platform "Ruyi Chain" goes live

Zhejiang court launched "e-key intelligent delivery", the whole process of on-chain deposit certificate through blockchain technology

Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology: More than 1,000 offices in 60 units in Beijing have been chained

Third, technical direction

The final version of the Ethereum 2.0 specification version 0.1 is a key step for the full release of Ethereum 2.0. Justin Drake, an ethics researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, has set an unofficial deadline for Ethereum 2.0 founding blocks For July 30th.

The final version of Ethereum 2.0 specification 0.1 is released! A key step away from going online in 2.0 years

IBM's qubit computer "Raleigh" implements 32 quantum volumes. Will it pose a threat to Bitcoin security?

Monroe Research Lab releases latest research paper: new technology Triptych will significantly improve online anonymity

New collision attack relentless whipshake SHA1 algorithm, using SHA256's BTC to tremble?

Vitalik Buterin's latest brain hole: a scalable data blockchain model without committees

Fourth, investment and financing

Lightnet, a blockchain company based in Bangkok, Thailand, received $ 31.2 million in funding from six large conglomerates including Singapore ’s UOB Risk Management Department.

New Year's largest blockchain funding comes, Lightnet receives $ 31.2 million in Series A funding from six large institutions

Crypto quantitative trading platform provider AlgoTrader AG completes $ 3.8 million in Series A financing

What will happen to the Bitcoin ETF in 2020? This company dedicated to blockchain ETFs raised $ 17 million in funding

Is crypto taxation complicated? TaxBit receives $ 5 million in seed funding to provide accurate tax calculation tools

V. Mining

The relationship between the United States and Iran is on the verge of war, which has caused those miners seeking low-cost power resources in Iran to fall into the shadow of war and face the situation of leaving or staying.

Chinese miners in the shadow of the Iran war: "Once the war begins, people will withdraw and sell"

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DeFi is one of the hottest areas in 2019. Cryptocurrency research company Messari has been performing some calculations and has concluded that if you invest $ 400 in the four major DeFi fields in early 2019 , you will get a return of $ 1,400 at the end of the year, with a return of more than 250%.

Research shows: DeFi realised over 250% return last year

DeFi cannibalize PoS security? Increase opportunity cost and reduce risk

Opinion: Who is DeFi's second turn?

One article reads DeFi's fifth Uniswap: the unique existence of the crypto world

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

Libra's "unexpected arrival" in 2019 has made it the center of discussion around the world. Although Libra failed to get the support of countries as expected, the central bank began to focus on the research of central bank digital currencies. The central bank digital currency and Libra who can take the lead, this answer may come out in 2020.

Central bank digital currency

The central bank's digital currency DCEP is about to be piloted. What can it bring us?

Former Vice President of the People's Bank of China Suning: The payment cost of adopting digital currency is expected to drop to one tenth of the original

Anchor determines success or failure? Comparison of the digital currencies of the four central banks

Review | Digital currency DCEP is about to test why central bank issues digital currency

Exclusive interpretation: frequent high-level voices, what is the IMF's attitude towards central banks' digital currencies?

The digital currency of global central banks has been divided into three types based on the hegemony of the US dollar

Analysis | "Sea Urchin" Project-Digital Currency of the Bahamas Central Bank


Facebook's redemption: dare not miss the blockchain, regret defining Libra as currency

How many times has Libra been caught in the quagmire? China DCEP has achieved huge advantages

Eight: Market

U.S. bombing killed senior Iranian officers, Iran retaliated against U.S. military bases, the world fell into the biggest margin of war since the Iraq war, global risk aversion surged, gold rose to a 7-year high, crude oil prices rose, and Bitcoin also rose to exceed 8400 The U.S. dollar hit a new high since November 2019.

Iran's attack on U.S. military bases, BTC surged by $ 500, can the "hedging" attribute actually be hammered?

Iran attacks U.S. military bases on safe-haven assets

US-Israel conflict bitcoin gets attention again, "hedging" will become the main theme of the bull market?