U.S. district judge rules CSW will not confiscate Bitcoin in Kleiman case

According to Cointelegraph, a U.S. district judge has ruled that sanctions previously required CSW (Craig Wright) to hand over half of its bitcoin to Dave Kleiman will not take effect. U.S. District Judge Bruce Reinhart made the sanction decision last August. However, based on court documents filed on January 10 to the US District Court for Florida, Judge Beth Bloom ruled that Reinhart's earlier sanction order was inappropriate. The latest ruling states that the sanction is inappropriate because the facts found (CSW has an equal partnership with Kleiman) have no special relationship to the issue of evidence discovery (CSW's Bitcoin list). In addition, even if the court did accept these identified facts, the evidence search was still “unresolvable” because the court still did not know how much Bitcoin CSW owned. However, Judge Bloom did conclude that CSW did not comply in good faith with the discovery order and should still pay Kleiman's attorneys' fees.