Shu Yimin was fined nearly 47 million yuan for manipulating stocks, and has been speculating on blockchain and Xiong'an concept.

According to the China Securities Journal, on April 2, the CSRC decided to smear the illegal income of the two stocks, including “Haofeng Technology”, “Nanhua Instrument” and “Zhongfei Shares”, and confiscated the illegal income of RMB 22.9251 million and imposed 2292.51 on it. A fine of 10,000 yuan; a fine of 1 million yuan was imposed on Shu Yimin’s act of manipulating “Shanhe Pharmaceutical Supplement”. Shu Yimin is known as one of the "three-swordsmen of the daily limit death squad" (Ma Xinqi, Sun Guodong, Shu Yimin). In 2018, it participated in the popular sectors such as the concept of Xiong'an, the speculation of real estate stocks, the concept of pork, the concept of blockchain and the lithium in salt lake. It was called the first person of A-share “Fashion Hotspot”.