Executive Deputy Director of Guangzhou Dawan District Office: Speeding up the integration of new-generation information technology industries such as biomedicine and blockchain

On January 13, the first regular press conference of the municipal government department in 2020 held by the Guangzhou Municipal Office of Information was held in the press conference hall. Chen Jianrong, executive deputy director of Guangzhou Dawan District Office and deputy director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced the "Several Provisions on Accelerating the Development of the Biomedical Industry in Guangzhou" that Guangzhou began to solicit yesterday. Chen Jianrong introduced that next, Guangzhou will have a series of actions such as "strong chain", "supplement chain" and "extended chain" to systematically promote the rapid development of the entire biomedical industry chain. Among them, the "chain extension" action includes accelerating the integration of biomedicine with artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other new-generation information technology industries to empower the biomedical industry competitiveness.