Securities Times: Digital currency core system, authentication system, wallet system is expected to have space of about 18 billion

On January 13th, the Securities Times issued a paper combing the opportunities for the construction of the digital currency industry chain. ① Central bank side: It is expected that the central bank side system will be mainly self-developed and self-built, but the key technology selection of the central bank side will determine the specifications of the commercial bank system, and it is expected that the selection of the authentication / encryption system will become the key; ② Release side: traditional account system needs Renovation, banking equipment may also be slightly remodeled; in terms of new systems, the digital currency core system, authentication system, and wallet system are expected to have a space of about 18 billion; ③ circulation side: payment machines have transformation needs, and the overall replacement needs are about 20-30 billion; The role of service providers in the payment system will not die, and it is expected to accelerate the transition to service-oriented; ToB application development is expected to produce phenomenal application space after the stable operation of digital currency