What is the revelation of IEO?

As Gate's third IEO project opened lower, I posted a message on social media. The general meaning is that the IEO boom can basically be announced. Let's talk about where the inner logic is, why is the IEO wind? Hurrying past, some people even have no solution at all.

Compared with ICO, IEO has improved the efficiency of financing. Yesterday, someone sent a message: ICO is overdrafting the credit of the project party, and IEO is overdrafting the credit of the trading platform. Yes, raising money is an overdraft of credit.

IEO gains and losses

In the bear market, the trading volume of the trading platform is sluggish, investors basically lose the desire to operate, and the price of the currency is falling and falling every day. Just the currency security restarted the Binance Launchpad in February, opening the IEO boom. As of yesterday, the fourth project of CM, MATIC, has been in the past three months, basically maintaining the rhythm of one project per month. However, what is embarrassing is that each project is basically open and low, and the set is invisible. In the primary market, from 10 times, 7 times, 3 times to twice the matic of yesterday. Of course, the probability of retail investors being relatively low is relatively low. Most of the secondary market is mostly retail investors. The project party with a lot of chips is constantly selling in the secondary market. Newcomers who are unclear are constantly making up their positions, even a decent There is no rebound, so going high and going low is a dangerous signal.

The price trends of the first three IEO projects are basically the same, with high and low opening, continuous yin and low innovation. How many investors are willing to stick to “value investing” is essentially a game that runs fast.

As for the fourth project MATIC, it is foreseeable that it is basically impossible to achieve a contrarian pull. There is no surprise expression when it falls below the issue price. The most important reason is that the speed at which newcomers enter the market has been drastically reduced.

Encryption technology bottleneck

There is an interesting phenomenon in the cryptocurrency market: the more the currency is, the more new people there are; the more new people, the more the currency price rises, forming a positive positive feedback. However, there is always a tipping point. When the price of the currency is high, the funds carried by the newcomers cannot support the price of the currency, and it will inevitably plummet, not to mention the side scam, at least in other financial markets.

The so-called cycle is exactly the same, IEO in the 2019 like a spring breeze blowing the currency circle, the platform currency soaring and the IEO booming boom, it seems that many people earned a lot of money. In fact, what really makes money is the exchange and the project side. In exchange for a bunch of worthless tokens, in exchange for the investor’s USDT, the real money and silver, the tirelessly shouting the freedom of wealth, the freedom of wealth is not as good as it is, but instead The purse of the project side and the exchange is full.

The IEO has no innovations, but it has added a fast-tracking channel based on ICO. Originally, the ICO project party had to publicize the fundraising project, paying the currency fee, and then scheduling the online exchange. Now it is good, the direct benefits are tied, the exchange and the project party are firmly tied to a chariot, and the exchange is overdrawn. The credit, looting the investors' funds, has seriously affected the development of the currency circle. It is precisely because of this that it really highlights the flaws of the currency circle, and the blockchain encounters the bottleneck of technological development.

The high cost of Bitcoin has not been solved. The core members of Ethereum are guilty, and the fragmentation technology is far away. BCH and BSV continue to quarrel. As for EOS million tps, it is not mentioned.

The only thing that is gratifying is that the currency has been decentralized in the release of DEX, which has slightly boosted the confidence of the market. The release of the centralized exchange will be a milestone in the coming day.

The real recovery of all the markets has always been a technological breakthrough for ***, technological breakthroughs – the rise in the price of coins – the arrival of newcomers – once again, the rise in the price of coins, so reciprocating, endless.

Numerous scientific and technological advances in history have been based on this cyclical evolution.

Enlightenment of Atlantic Cable

In the 19th century, American Field tried to link the North American continent with the European continent through a transoceanic cable. Of course, it was initially encountered with many difficulties, from technical limitations to lack of funds.

At that time, people did not know more about the characteristics of electricity, and the application of electricity was still in the stage of ignorance; people did not know how deep the Atlantic Ocean was, and did not know what the seabed topography was like; assuming the cable could be laid, people did not know The electrical transmission power is not enough to propagate such a long distance.

Field does not believe this, he quickly contacted the financial community of the industry, followed up in technical law and funding, in the United Kingdom only a few days to raise 35w pounds.

However, technically, cross-English Channel and transatlantic cables are completely different. A quiet day will be enough to lay the English Channel cable. And across the Atlantic, the ship at that time was about to sail for more than three weeks. Not counting the laying machinery, the weight of the entire transoceanic cable alone far exceeds the load of any ship at that time.

The transoceanic cable at the bottom of the sea must be very strong and cannot be broken, but at the same time it must be very soft, otherwise it will be difficult to lay.

On August 5, 1857, Field's laying fleet sailed from Ireland, and industry experts, including Morse, were on board to monitor the pavement in real time. The Niagara, like a spider's spit, moves slowly and carefully, while leaving the transoceanic cable behind the winch. One end of the cable is fixed in Ireland, and experts on board keep in touch with the land of Ireland to ensure that the cable is not broken.

After a week, after successfully laying 355 nautical miles, the winch failed, and the already laid cable fell into the sea like a broken kite. At that time, there was no suitable diving technique, and it was impossible to pull the thread that fell into the seabed again. The first attempt failed. Field lost a 355 nautical mile cable and a £100,000 investment.

Unfortunately. A few days later, the submarine cable was completely disconnected, and North America could no longer receive a clear signal from Europe. Thus, rumors began, and Field became a liar. At that time, the people who supported him became the ones who wanted to defeat him. They believed that Field had always done everything for his own reputation. There was no way to suspend all plans.

In the blink of an eye, six years have passed, and Field has not been knocked down by fate.

In 1865, Field reappeared in London, restarting his transoceanic cable project with a new £600,000 investment. At this time, the research on cable telegraphy has been very mature. The world's largest ship, the Great Eastern, designed and built by the famous engineer Brunel, has also been built, and everything is ready, with new telegraph technology and a huge wheel of 22,000 tons. Things that were so difficult before it have become much simpler.

On July 13, 1866, the "Great Orientals" set out and finally succeeded. Soon, the cable that failed the last time was successfully found and continued to be laid.

Two cables tie Europe and North America together.

Taking history as a mirror, human nature has never changed, and technology has evolved. Only in the case of breakthroughs in technology can the project have an opportunity to develop, not by means of propaganda and shouting slogans.

At the forefront of technology, scammers and pioneers are always in parallel, they have the same commercial sense of smell, scammers and people who want to make quick money are impatient, through a variety of names to collect money, the only way to distinguish is through the precipitation of time The breakthrough of the difficulty of technology makes the scammers nowhere in the shape, and they naturally withdraw from the market when they arrive.

The blockchain is still in a very chaotic period. There is no regulatory and legal framework to restrict it. As a whole, investors can only improve their self-identification ability, and they will not lose their blood.

(Author: Bitcoin Caesar)