Matsuo Motobu, deputy officer of the Japan Financial Services Agency: Crypto asset supervision focuses on eight issues

On January 13, 2020, the Japan Bureau of Finance ’s Comprehensive Policy Bureau ’s policy filing general review officer, Matsuo Motoyuki, stated at the Huobi University Global Blockchain Leader Course GBLP Tokyo Module Class that Japan ’s crypto asset supervision is based on counter-terrorism, anti-money laundering, The three main purposes of user protection are the starting point, focusing on supervision of eight major issues. The eight major issues include the risk of crypto asset theft, false exaggerated publicity, due diligence of custodians, improper conduct such as market manipulation, the risk of money laundering by anonymous crypto assets, bankruptcy liquidation of trading platforms, margin leverage transactions, and crypto asset issuance. Moreover, Japan clearly stipulates that crypto assets have been included in the regulatory scope of the Japanese Financial Commodities Trading Law, and officially renamed them "crypt assets" to avoid confusion about their nature.