After CME officially opened bitcoin options trading, single-day trading volume has shaken off Bakkt

On Monday, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group officially opened bitcoin options trading, and its first-day trading volume beat its rival Bakkt .

According to a spokesperson, on the first day of the CME platform, a total of 55 contracts were traded in bitcoin options, valued at approximately 275 BTC or $ 2.1 million.


(Figure: CME platform bitcoin options trading situation)

Bakkt, an Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), launched bitcoin options trading on December 9 last year, and its current average daily trading volume is slightly higher than about $ 1 million.

CME Group Managing Director Tim McCourt said in an interview with foreign media reporters that he was satisfied with the platform's first-day trading performance and pointed out that there is a balance between small-scale online transactions and large-scale transactions. He also mentioned that feedback from market participants was good:

"From their market quotation capabilities, data consumption capabilities, and all technical aspects, everything is going according to design."

However, the bitcoin derivatives trading market is still at a very early stage, and at this point, any institution may win. Market watchers may remember that CME's rival, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) global market, first introduced Bitcoin futures in December 2019, but it eventually announced it would stop offering the product.

Elsewhere, cryptocurrency native companies are more successful than U.S.-regulated exchanges, and the transaction volume of these exchanges has far exceeded the CME Group's bitcoin options trading.According to data collected by analysis company Skew, as of On Friday, the average daily trading volume of bitcoin options worldwide has soared to more than $ 90 million.