Stablecoin report: Tether still dominates in 2019; Maker multi-collateral DAI has the most volatility

According to CoinGecko's report on stablecoins, in general, Tether (USDT) will still dominate in 2019, and it will be even stronger in 2020. Among the top 5 stablecoin assets, Maker's multi-collateral DAI has the most volatility. Despite being accused of not receiving 1: 1 USD support, Tether (USDT) continues to dominate the stablecoin market in 2019. Note: Tether's transparency page shows that the company currently has more than $ 100 million in assets. This is the only stablecoin that has increased its market share (measured by relative market value) when other stablecoin assets have suffered losses to varying degrees.