Ethereum crowdfunding platform Gitcoin requires users to use MetaMask browser, V God tweets openly against

Today ’s Twitter user “CharlesSWE” posted a dissatisfaction with Gitcoin, an open source crowdfunding platform on the Ethereum chain, “forcing” users to use the MetaMask browser. The netizen stated that Opera supports Ethereum Dapps and is compatible with Web 3 vendors. This is necessary. Seeing this in Gitcoin feels like "Please use the Internet Explorer installer". V God retweeted this tweet and emphasized: * All * Dapps should be designed to be compatible with any browser that supports Ethereum. The "bundling" model of suppliers is precisely one of the key issues that the industry (decentralization) has to oppose. At present, the Gitcoin team has fixed this problem and is compatible with any Web 3 browser. If the system does not detect a Web 3 browser, MetaMask is recommended by default.