Shigu District, Hengyang, Hunan launches propaganda for illegal fund-raising and cracks down on illegal fund-raising such as blockchain

On the morning of January 14th, Shigu District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province launched an illegal fund-raising campaign. Shigu District issued an open letter to the people of the district with the theme "Far away from illegal fundraising and cherish the blood and sweat of a lifetime". The letter mentioned that some criminals responded to national policies and support in the name of investment and wealth management, engineering project development, pension services, virtual currency, shopping rebates (rebate points), high-tech, borrowed blockchain technology, and internal banks. Entity development and other flags, using the masses' eagerness to invest for profit, especially the elderly groups who lack investment and financial management knowledge, make up various investment projects, and use illegal high-interest, high-return, and low-risk bait for illegal fund-raising, which has harmed the people. The vital interests also affected the healthy development of the market economy. Shigu District solemnly reminds that anyone who participates in the invitation of investment in the name of project investment, company shares, fixed dividends, fake blockchain technology, internal banks, etc., must establish a sense of risk prevention, carefully screen, and consult with relatives and friends. Consult the relevant government departments, don't trust the bewitching of criminals, firmly believe that "no free lunch" and "no pie in the sky", consciously resist all temptations, stay away from illegal fundraising, and jointly build a steel wall to prevent and combat illegal fundraising .