India's Supreme Court prepares to hear "Reserve Bank of India cryptocurrency hearing"

According to a recent update, India's Supreme Court appears to be finally ready to handle the case of the Reserve Bank of India's cryptocurrency and plans to allocate a significant amount of time to both parties. According to Chives, India's Supreme Court has been processing a case involving crypto assets and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for a long time. Initially, the hearing should be held in mid-October 2019, but the court postponed it to November. However, due to the busy schedule of the Reserve Bank of India's senior lawyers, the hearing was postponed again to this day. Now, based on new information, the Supreme Court is finally preparing to fully resume the case, though not immediately. The new information claims that "Crypto Matter" is listed as the item number. The court has decided to consider the item number first. After that, the Supreme Court plans to proceed with larger court matters, including items 101 to 103, after which it plans to finalize a hearing on crypto issues. Although the court's ruling on matters other than cryptocurrency is relevant to many people, many people think it is a good thing. The court itself clarified the decision, stating that it wanted to learn more about the "cryptographic issue" and spent a lot of time there.