Ant Open Alliance Chain's first IDE announces public beta, pure white matrix ChainIDE takes the lead

Babbitt News, on January 14th, the ChainIDE middleware system (hereinafter referred to as "ChainIDE") created by pure white matrix and the ant blockchain's open alliance chain (hereinafter referred to as "open alliance chain") developed tools, intelligence Multiple benchmarking scenarios such as the contract integrated development environment have been implemented.

It is understood that ChainIDE is the first cloud IDE to support an open alliance chain.

ChainIDE is a cloud blockchain integrated development environment (IDE) developed by pure white matrix. In actual development, the source code compiler is an indispensable tool. In addition, auxiliary tools such as an editor, a prompter, an interpreter, and a debugger are needed. The IDE is a package of these development tools. Currently, ChainIDE supports more than 10 programmable blockchain development environments such as Open Alliance Chain, Ethereum, Libra, Fisco, and helps developers in more than 100 countries to assist in the design, compilation, and deployment of more than 500,000 smart contracts.

The Open Alliance Chain was launched by Ant Blockchain on November 8, 2019, and is intended to provide small, medium and micro enterprises and individual developers with a low-cost, low-threshold, trusted and diverse blockchain service network. Since the launch of the public beta, more than 1,000 customers have applied for experience, and have been implemented in cloud development tools, merchant marketing tools, distributed identity, copyright transfer confirmation, digital entertainment and other scenarios. The Open Alliance Chain is expected to be officially launched in February this year.

Wu Xiao, founder and CEO of Pure White Matrix, revealed to Babbitt,

"In this public test, ChainIDE will provide developers with a complete set of middleware systems and developer ecosystems based on the Open Alliance Chain , including IDEs, testnets , developer wallets, browsers, tutorials and dozens of middleware modules. Helping developers Quickly docking from the application layer to the bottom of the open alliance chain, without the need for any environment. Through the acceleration of cloud computing, the smart contract based on the open alliance chain can be compiled and deployed in 1 minute. "

He said that without ChainIDE, this time could be 1 hour.

In the blockchain industry, the Internet giants represented by BAT are a force that cannot be ignored. On January 8th, Jiang Guofei, the vice president of Ant Financial, said at the media communication conference that the industrial blockchain has begun and the turning point is about to come. The Ant blockchain has realized the implementation of more than 40 scenarios such as cross-border remittances, supply chain finance, judicial deposit, and electronic bills, and will build ecological alliances and open platform technology capabilities to various industries, especially the physical industry.

It is precisely seeing the potential energy of the ant blockchain in the industry. After the open alliance chain is open for public testing, Wu Xiao has been keeping a close eye on it.

"We feel that there will be many blockchain applications landing this year, so the ant blockchain will be the choice of many developers . At the same time, we also hope to provide developers in our ChainIDE ecosystem with more high-quality ant blockchains. Modules, helping them to quickly compile, deploy, and test, save environmental erection costs, and accelerate the implementation of blockchain applications. "

2020 is seen as a year when the blockchain goes from reality to deep integration with the industry. On the road of "everything on the chain", we are glad to see that whether it is the Internet giants, listed companies, state-owned enterprises, or blockchain startups, they can embrace each other with a positive and open mind, cooperate in competition, and cooperate Competition in China, and then a prosperous blockchain ecosystem. This is the true spirit of blockchain.