Director of Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology: Empowering Manufacturing Industry with 5G, Industrial Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Other Technologies

According to China News Network, on January 14, He Qing, director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said at the "two sessions" of Liaoning Province that in order to extend the industrial chain and cultivate new kinetic energy, Liaoning will implement the "Liaoning Petrochemical Industry Supply Side "Structural Reform Plan", highlighting the development of new materials, creating a deep processing industrial chain such as olefins and aromatics, promoting the transformation of the petrochemical industry from "fuel-based" to "chemical-based", focusing on the implementation of 5G industry development projects, and creating a group of "5G + Industrial Internet "Demonstration factories promote enterprises to use the cloud and platforms, and use 5G, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to empower manufacturing.