Puluo Pharmaceutical: The purchase of blockchain receivables by subsidiaries does not affect the normal turnover of the company's daily funds

According to the China Securities Journal, Prolog Pharmaceuticals (000739) announced on the evening of January 14 that Zhejiang Protop Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, recently used its own funds of 50 million yuan to pass the Zhejiang Merchants Bank and bond transfer platform Purchased a blockchain receivable product, which was confirmed by Zheshang Bank with an expected annualized return of 4.35%. The company stated that the product purchased by the company this time is a principal-guaranteed income product with low risk. The funds used are idle own funds, which will not affect the company's daily capital turnover and the normal development of its main business. By conducting moderate low-risk short-term financial management, the company's capital use efficiency can be improved, investment income can be increased, and more investment returns can be obtained for the company's shareholders.