He Debiao, Professor, National Cyber ​​Security Institute, Wuhan University: Blockchain will quietly change life in the 5G era

According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, He Debiao, a professor at the National Cyber ​​Security Institute of Wuhan University, said in an interview that blockchain can solve pain points and difficulties in many areas, and 5G technology will greatly make up for its shortcomings, such as storage space. , Processing rate and so on. In the future, financial institutions can use blockchain-based payment and clearing platforms to implement automatic reconciliation, payment, and settlement functions, reduce the cost of reconciliation between financial institutions and the cost of handling disputes, while significantly improving efficiency. And the people's livelihood administrative department can implement data supervision faster and more accurately. We can query the registration information of real estate, movable property, intellectual property rights, licenses, various bills, certificates, etc., which will be more efficient. We can also easily find out when and where our donations are used; the whole process of production, processing, distribution, warehousing, and transportation of the goods we buy, and even the source of all the raw materials for a dish. Advanced technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and unmanned driving may also use blockchain technology because of the arrival of 5G. All these changes are happening quietly, and ordinary citizens do not need to understand and master technology, but only to enjoy convenience.