Party members and cadres in Sanzhao Town learn block chain technology and application knowledge intensively

According to surging news, on January 14th, Sanzhao Town held an enlarged meeting of the theoretical center group of the party committee to focus on the topic of blockchain technology and applications, broaden the horizon of grassroots cadres, train party members and cadres to respect science, respect science, and adapt to the new era and new development , The characteristics of the times advancing with the times. The meeting required all party members and cadres to thoroughly study and understand the current status and trends of the development of blockchain technology, master the development plan, improve the ability to use and manage technology, and consolidate the thinking and actions into the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important speech and the central party ’s decision-making deployment. Use and manage the technical capabilities of the blockchain, strengthen the support and guidance for the blockchain enterprises and industries in Sanzhao Town, actively promote the integrated development of the blockchain and economy and society, and help the economic and social innovation and development of Sanzhao Town.