Debiao He, Wuhan University: Blockchain data is stored in multiple nodes, and if one node is breached, the confidentiality of the data is destroyed.

He Debiao, a professor at the National Cyber ​​Security Institute of Wuhan University and an executive member of the Blockchain Professional Committee of the China Computer Academy, said in an interview that there are still many technical bottlenecks in blockchain technology, mainly reflected in the architecture, consensus mechanism, interoperability, and system security. , Privacy, and more. In layman's terms, the data of the blockchain is stored on countless nodes, then the amount of data will be particularly large, it will be a test for the storage medium, and it will also cause insufficient processing speed. In addition, security is also an issue. The blockchain guarantees that our data will not be easily lost, but at the same time, the data is stored on multiple nodes. As long as one node is "broken", the confidentiality of the data is broken.