Halving the currency across the board in 2020, with multiple currencies such as BCH and ETC increasing by more than 30% in 24 hours

At 7:42 am on January 15th, the Bitcoin mining difficulty was raised to 14.78T, and the blessing rose to 7.08%, once again setting a record high. Based on this inference, Bitcoin's entire network computing power is about 105.76E (data source BTC.com). Among the halving currencies in 2020, BTC rose 8.95% in 24 hours, temporarily quoted at US $ 8,870; BCH rose 30.83% in 24 hours, temporarily reported at US $ 357; BSV surged 118.65% in 24 hours, temporarily reported at USD 416.07; ETC rose 31.03%, Temporarily reported 31.03%; DASH soared 84.16% to temporarily report $ 130.6.