"No madness, no survival" —— The refining of the demon coin BSV

"Not crazy, not live"

Craig Steven Wright once again used BSV's nearly 150% increase in one day to read his loyal "Party Feather" his great vision-hand-drawing is justice.

According to Huobi data, as of the time before the author could not help writing, BSV 24H had a maximum real-time increase of 146%, from 22:52 to zero in the evening, and rose from 300 US dollars to 435 US dollars in a few minutes, and then quickly fell back. To $ 360, the thrilling place is breathtaking.

What's more terrible is that BSV has been 7 consecutive consecutive years, and it has increased by nearly 4 times a week, giving many friends who have lost time the urge to break their thighs.

Originally, mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, and EOS all had good market performance recently, but under the stimulation of BSV, everyone seemed to have lost interest in the general rise of the market.

The circle of friends I can see is full of BSV.

A friend asked me, is BSV driving a bull market? Uh, well, let's stay up all night and write a short essay to briefly talk about my opinion.


Half a year ago, I wrote the article "Destroying Omoto Satoshi and his" Pagans "" , arguing that Omoto Satoshi's violent pull of the disk is no different from digging a grave, and sooner or later he will be rejected because he violates the will of the mainstream group Because Satoshi Omoto can always hit the greedy side of human nature, making a group of people the "accomplices" of his cholera market.

At that time, I saw that "Satoshi Omoto" would be the biggest unstable factor in the digital asset market.

Once again!

This kind of behavior is disgusting, ridiculous, and impossible to add.Ao Satoshi and the mastermind behind it are challenging the tolerance of the Bitcoin community again and again, and wantonly undermining the community consensus.

Obviously, I am hostile to Satoshi Auburn's "daddy" who is grateful to many people. Although he may make money for everyone, I still can't help dissipating it.

Of course, I'm not afraid, because there are still big brothers such as Binance Zhao Changpeng, Lightning Torch Hodlonaut, Bitmain Wu Jihan, and you who are devoted to working for the industry with faith.

In the name of the stable and healthy development of the digital asset community.


To be honest, I had watched EOS's recent good upward momentum, and I saw some signs of bullish movements at the bottom.

After all, recently, ETH successfully completed the Istanbul upgrade, ETC also completed the Agharta hard fork upgrade, and EOS will also launch the Voice social product. This is all good news.

What is the bottom of financial markets?

When the price of the currency stays sideways for a long time, and the project party is still doing things, and it is still performing frequently, it is almost a phased bottom.

In this case, the market has risen a little bit, giving everyone some confidence before the Lunar New Year, which was originally a good thing.

But the bad thing is that under the impetus of BSV, the increase of this rampant is too fierce, which makes people can't help worrying that something must happen.

In theory, the correct posture for the next bull market is at least: 1. policy support; 2. capital hot money; 3. entrepreneurial strength; 4. talent echelon; 5. industrial application landing and other key factors.

Only when two or more of these factors are met can the digital asset market come in with incremental users and incremental funds, and the entire market will have the prerequisites for bullishness.

The actual situation now is that the policies have released favorable conditions, and the popularity of the industrial blockchain has slowly increased. However, the two major factors that have played a key role in supporting the market, such as hot money and incremental users, have not significantly improved.

In this case, the sudden onslaught has risen sharply. What is the desire?

You might say that Dogzhuang trades and plans to harvest.

But I may think more "pessimistic".


Not long ago, I read an article in a media saying that 10 million bitcoins, accounting for more than 60% of its market circulation, were dormant.

At first glance, most people are still more rational. Before Bitcoin's halving market arrives, it may be more reasonable to store coins than frequent short-term operations.

However, it is clear that a conscientious person cannot allow most people to have the idea of ​​making money. They are bound to release the greed of the people by making monsters again and again, so that the hoarders can hand over their chips until they hand them over.

Sure enough, BSV and the staff behind it couldn't help it.

Satoshi Omoto had threatened to defeat BCH at all costs during the war with Wu Jihan. This man is both local and wayward. Although he has become the target of the community, he will always use the market as a demon to become the entire network. Topic and focus.

The intention behind Satoshi Amoto is obvious. Through continuous pull and smashing, the retail-driven market is turned into a highly “contracted” market, and then it is proved that it is the real “Satoshi Nakamoto”. You know, in many people's opinion, who is Satoshi Nakamoto is not so important, it is the last word to make money.

The spot market and contract market were originally symbiotic, and it was good to hedge. However, in the context of the overall sluggish market environment, the sharp rise and fall of the market will only stimulate human greed and make users in the circle who like to play contracts completely become gamblers.

As everyone knows, a surge may make a lot of money, but a crash may reset him to zero and completely drive out of the digital asset market.

According to the contract emperor's data, the entire network in the past 24 hours totaled 203 million US dollars. Every time a liquidation occurs, everyone should not only feel bad about this virtual floating wealth, but should regret that the "companions" who may leave the battlefield may be lost behind. Many of them are likely to never return.

To some extent, BSV's malicious messing up is the internal consumption in advance of the halving of the price of Bitcoin.


It should be noted that once a contract player completely controls a financial market, the key variables driving its growth will also reverse.

"Faith" players hold coins because they believe in the long-term growth space of the digital asset market. They will focus on mainstream value currencies such as Bitcoin to make value investments. The overall expected return may be small, but the time and loss of the relative quilt will also be less.

The contract player's choice is just the opposite. All they want is to make money. The faster the better, the more the better. Therefore, contract players are likely to ignore bitcoin and other value currencies, and focus on some altcoins with stories, concepts, and powerful pull disks.

There is no doubt that Satoshi Amoto's BSV perfectly meets these conditions.

First of all, Satoshi Omoto did have contact with Satoshi Nakamoto. Secondly, the owner of the nChain mining pool behind BSV is super rich. Furthermore, there are still a large number of diehard fans who really think that Satoshi Amoto is Satoshi Nakamoto. The most important thing is that this year, it seems that only BSV has continued to pull the disk repeatedly, so that people who missed a hunt always have the next opportunity to ambush in advance.

It stands to reason that the normal start of the digital asset market is that Bitcoin leads the rise, Ethereum, EOS and other competing currencies follow up, and other altcoins make up. In such a financial market, investors will have some time to reflect, whether it is Fund transfer and chip switching are relatively easy.

However, once the market is too contractual, the future market is likely to become one. Constantly searching for and processing the demonic coin's death process, this will bring a large number of traditional financial players who have worked hard to see technical indicators to the stage, and put one A coin holder with a dream of getting rich is clearing up and exhausting some of the optimism and positive emotions in the digital asset market.

Everyone has been criticized for the fact that the digital asset market is easy to be manipulated. Now the BSVs have confirmed this complaint!


So, in this case, are there still opportunities for ordinary retail investors?

I share a point of view with my friends in the On-chain Viewing Reader Group. A market that has been highly contracted, the good news is that the market will definitely rise, and the bad news is that it will crash immediately after the rise. For ordinary retail investors, It is necessary to study the psychology of dealers.

In a financial market where no fundamentals can be seen, there is a naked harvest behind any big ups and downs. Whether you can grab meat in the teeth of a tiger is up to you.

I am very clear that persuading people to speculate in coins is risky and telling a person to eat too much will make them fat, and too much will make them false.

Gambler players playing contracts are very aware of the risk of fluctuations in the digital asset market. They just see the upper limit of making money, but they ignore the bottom line of losing. The joke phrase, "The money made by luck, should be lost by strength", it makes sense to think about it.

The heaven in the contract market has been reincarnation, and Cangtian will not bypass anyone. The bookmaker has the capital and patience to consume you and squeeze you out. Otherwise, accidentally making money today may be the beginning of losing more money in the future.

Since 2020, the spring breeze of the industrial blockchain has blown. On the whole, there are a lot of good news, such as: DCEP, Libra, Bitcoin halved, Ethereum 2.0, FileCoin mainnet, Polkadot. Online, SEC's ruling on ETFs, etc.

Regardless, 2020 invites you to have a pure digital dream.

Stay away from BSV, away from contracts.

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