Market analysis: the bears have not gone far, they will counterattack at any time.

Our currency market will release some bad news about USDT almost every once in a while, but in the end, the companies behind USDT have easily resolved the crisis. Although this problem has not been solved, the big probability will be smooth. solve.

I don't know if you have thought about it. The bad news you saw may be what other people want you to see. The news that everyone knows is the least valuable. The incident has basically reacted on the disk and should not be interpreted again. Now The other stable currencies in the market can't form a climate, so we still need to use the USDT until the day when there are other stable coins that can shake the status of USDT. Maybe USDT will really consider how to stabilize.

Yesterday, the market was dominated by shocks. The two leading companies did not have obvious movements. So far, they have not broken their positions. However, the price of futures contracts has formed a serious discount on spot prices, which means that the main funds are not optimistic about the market outlook. Observe the futures prices. Close to the spot or spot to the futures price, the overall market wait-and-see mood is strong, which is not conducive to the rise of the market outlook, we are more inclined to spot prices to find the contract price.


The price of the BTC futures contract still maintains a large discount. The price of the spot market has not stood on the 10-day moving average after receiving a long shadow line the day before yesterday. Now this shadow has become a hidden danger. That is to say, the big Yinxian plus this upper shadow line, this position becomes a strong pressure line, and I want to pull it through the time period again. The BTC has not been able to organize effective two days after 5280USDT. Rebound, this shows that the market is not high, and the spot price is more likely to move closer to the futures contract price. Pay attention to the support at 5150USDT. Once again, the point will penetrate the support of 4800USDT. The lowest point of the futures contract is also near $4,800, paying attention to risk.


ETH has no news face in the short term, and can't walk out of the independent trend. For the target's suggestion, the two-day rally will recover half of the Yinxian line, but it does not stand on 5 antennas. The 5 antennas also turn heads up, macd It really moves quickly to the vicinity of the zero axis. From the perspective of time-sharing, there is no follow-up volume follow-up after the heavy volume, and the support of 150USDT will be explored soon. This point is a more important support level. If it falls, it may be Continue to run along the channel line of the flag-shaped flag, and observe whether there is any obvious lifting action after the target macd indicator reaches the vicinity of the zero axis.


XRP is constantly releasing liquidity to the market. The total value of the target remains unchanged. The single value is diluted and the price of the currency will fall. The target is relatively weak in the top ten cryptocurrency of the market value. It is now close to this year. At the lowest point, there are signs of stabilization. Observe whether the target can stabilize and rebound at this position and regain 5 antennas. If the target is to return to 0.32 USDT, we will re-apply the operation opinions on the target. It is recommended to continue to wait and see.


BCH is still falling along the 5 antennas, the volume is shrinking, and may face a choice of direction. The macd indicator is open downwards and is close to the zero axis. There is no obvious sign of pulling near the zero axis. BTC's next trend, we believe that the target may further test the support at 250USDT, and once again stand 5 antennas, the bearish is invalid, may go a wave of rebound.


LTC has been running along the descending pressure line. It can be seen from the time-sharing K-line diagram that the target has experienced a wave of heavy volume, but it does not stand back to the bottom of the 75USDT box, nor can it stand back to the down pressure line. The target's reversal breaks through 70USDT, which will quickly fall to a strong support level of $62. Pay attention to the risk. If the volume is up to $75, the bearish will be invalid and the box will continue to fluctuate.


EOS has a strong pressure of 5 US dollars, and there is a strong support of 4.4 US dollars. It is expected that it will be oscillated within this range in the short term. It is recommended to wait and see. When the market is in turmoil, it will not be able to perform. Can not walk out of the independent trend, a high probability to follow the trend of BTC.


BNB continues to operate in the channel. In the short term, it will return to the support of the lower rail. Maintaining the previous judgment, the role of the channel is still valid. With 20USDT as the indicator of strength and weakness, the target is effectively broken below the point. risk.


TRX does have signs of stopping, paying attention to whether the target can stand back to 5 antennas and 5 antennas head up, with strong support at $0.0217. It is expected that the point will rebound and observe whether the macd indicator can return to the gold fork in the rebound process. Above the zero axis, how the strength depends on whether the volume is matched or not, and fell below $0.217 to wait and see.

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