Fire coin Prime Lite officially released participation rules

On April 28th, the Firecoin Global Station issued an announcement, and Prime Lite only had one round of sunshine in the first phase. The HT obtained by Prime Lite will be completely destroyed. It is reported that Prime Lite has several projects in the schedule, and it is expected that the project will be launched on a weekly basis, and HT will also enter the “weekly destruction” rhythm. In terms of the transaction amount, the base amount is 100HT, and the superimposed amount is the minimum HT position of the user 7 days before the opening (the upper limit is 5000HT), and the total transaction limit = the base amount + the superimposed amount. The higher the amount, the higher the amount of the user can hold the order. The first phase of the Firecore Prime Lite will be launched on May 9. The first phase of the project is ThunderCore.