Data show: "Half the market" currency has a large increase in computing power over the same period last year

According to the data monitoring on the Tokenview chain, the total amount of transfers on the Bitcoin chain in the last 24 hours was 1,246,200 BTC, and the number of transfers on the chain was 342,600. The above activity indicators are at recent highs, and the exchange deposit and withdrawal indicators have also surged compared to the previous day. In terms of mining data, the average hashrate of Bitcoin over the past seven days was 103.12 EH / s. In addition, the computing power of several "halving market" currencies has increased significantly in the past year. Among them, the current network computing power of BSV is 4.92 EH / s, an increase of 402% over the same period last year, the network computing power of DASH is 5.4 PH / s, an increase of 144% over the same period last year, and the network computing power of ZEC is 5.59 GH / s. The same period last year increased by 143%, and the computing power of the ETC network was 10.96 TH / s, an increase of 23.98% compared with the same period last year. Note: The above content is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.